Four Leaf Clover - Marsilea drummondii

The Four Leaf Clover also known as the Clover Fern originates from inland Australia. An attractive plant it has two pairs of leaflets arranged in a four leaf clover pattern. This plant can grow in different soil types ranging from sand to clay. Under proper conditions this plant will form a thick carpet and will make an excellent spawning medium for fish. This species is amphibious, and will thrive either partially or fully submersed.

Water Conditions 
68 - 84° F
KH 3 - 8
6.2 - 7.5


Four Leaf Clover - Marsilea drummondii requires high light conditions. This plant prefers a neutral pH but can still flourish with a pH as high as 6.2 - 7.5 and still flourish. 


Reproduction within this species is from the many runners or adventitious shoots  that will branch off the root area. Once the baby is about half the size of the adult plant, seperate roots and plant the baby in another section of the tank. They can also be grown from seed. This plant grows very fast, and will quickly cover the bottom of the aquarium.