Cryptocoryne - Cryptocoryne wendtii

Quick Facts::  Cryptocoryne - Cryptocoryne wendtii
Care Level:Moderate
Lighting:Low To Medium
Maximum Length:24″
Water Conditions:72-82 F, pH 6.5-7.5, KH 3-8
Propagation:Adventitious Shoots
Coloration:Green, Red
Supplements:Iron Rich Fertilizer
Origin:South East Asia

Cryptocoryne wendtii, is also known as a Wendt's Cryptocoryne. It was first described by Dutch botantist Hendrik de Wit in honor of aquarium hobbist and writer Albert Wendt. This plant comes in a variety of color forms including greens, reds and browns. reds  green in color and fast growing. The leaves can differ in size, shape and color depending on the amount of light they recieve.

Water Conditions 
72-82° F
KH 3-8


This Plant requires a moderate amount of lighting of at least 2 watts per gallon. These plants benefits from regular additions of CO2, iron rich fertilizers, and trace elements. Cryptocorne plants can develope a condition known as "Crypt Rot" in which the leaves fall off and the plant appears to be "melting". This usually happens after the plant is transplanted or experiences another major change in its environment such as the transition between emerged and submerged growth or a swing in temperature or water chemistry. Though the leaves die off, the roots often survive and the plant may regrow over time.


Reproduction within this species is by adventitious plants. Submerged plants multiple using their root system. Allow the new plant to form its own leaves prior to separating it from the mother plant.