Chawan basu - Nelumbo nucifera "chawan basu"

The Chawan basu lotus is a dwarf lotus that has blooms from 5 to 9 inches in diameter. The petals are an ivory-white with deep pink margins and veins. There are 21 to 22 petals on each flower. Leaves measure 14 to 17 inches with the plant growing 2 to 4 feet tall. 

Water Conditions      
55-80° F
pH 6.0-9.0

Easily grown in calm water in full sun. Winter hardy to USDA Zone 4 as long as the roots do not freeze.The Chawan basu will also thrive in small container gardens such as a half oak barrel or in small tubs and kettles in the full sun. Pot in round, shallow, solid containers of 20 gallons or more, in 2-18" of water. Rhizomes of container-grown plants may be lifted in fall after plants die back and stored in a cool location (basement, root cellar or other frost-free area) until spring. If your lotus is wintered inside, in the spring, set it out  in full sun. Keeping it there until the water in the pot is approximately 80°F will get it to bloom sooner. Wait until the leaves have started to grow and the pond temperature is above 70°F before submerging the lotus pot to your pond. This prevents the plant from going into shock.

Nelumbo varieties is by division of their extensive banana-like rootstocks, each portion with a bud. This can be done during spring, although when the rootstocks are lifted and stored during the winter it can be undertaken at that time.