Brazilian Sword - Spathiphyllum tasson

The Brazilian Sword has dark green elliptical leaves  with elevated veins and can develop large white flowers. A Rosette Plant from Tropical America it may grow to a height of 16 inches although it is a extremely slow growing plantTo keep this plant from overgrowing the aquarium, simply cut back the tall leaves. 

Water Conditions 
73-83° F
KH 3-6
pH 6.5-7.0


The Brazillian Sword Plant requires moderate 
to bright light conditions. They grow very well with only their roots in the water and their leaves growing above the bowl. Brazilian Swords are true terrarium plants rather than aquarium plants and will not survive long if completely submerged.


Propagation of Brazilian Sword Plants is relative easy with cuttings.Young plants may be obtained by cutting the rhizome.