Anubias hastifolia - Anubias hastifolia

Anubias hastifolia  has longer stalks than other smaller members of the Anubias genus with distinct arrowhead-shaped leaves. Native to the tropical regions of Africa, these flowering plant species are primarily found in rivers, streams, and marshes. Like other Anubias plant species, this variety is hardy and relatively undemanding. Most herbivorous fish also tend to leave Anubias plants alone, which makes them great additions to any freshwater system.

Water Conditions
72-80° F
KH 4-18
pH 5.5-9.0

Easy to grow low light plant. Do not put the rhizome in the substrate when planting. As with all Anubias sp. it is prone to algae due to slow growth, and is usually left alone by herbivorous fish.

Propagation of Anubias hastifolia is relative easy with cuttings. To ensure optimal growth if planted in substrate, however, ensure the rhizome of divided plants is always above the substrate.